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The experience regarding classification, the high competency combined with the close cooperation with academic institutions and experienced shipping executives not only in the Philippines region but abroad as well, they create the basic cognitive axis for the design of GLOBAL TRAINING SYSTEM G.T.S. training courses.
These courses, initially aimed at the training of maritime executives regarding ISM/ISPS/MLC codes. However, they have been enriched, covering a wider agenda, including issues such as the proper handling of the human factor as the leading factor in safety issues as well as more sensitive issues, related to intercultural differences, such as cultural and religious diversities that coexist on the vessels and the shipping companies. The trainees acquire professional certificates and diplomas of specialization from G.T.S., which seems to be one of the most dynamic and probably uniquely adapted to the actual requirements of modern shipping companies.
The e-learning method of the GLOBAL TRAINING SYSTEM in collaboration with St. Thomas Polytechnic of Shipping and the Institute of Nautical Studies offers directly to the students of maritime programs, upon the completion of their studies, additional certification-recognition according to the quality characteristics of the International and European standards.


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